We Are Taka ni Mali

A leading waste management company, committed to the environment.

Green Jobs
To respond effectively to climate and environmental stresses, Takanimali is committed towards creation of more green jobs that have potential to deliver social economic and environmental sustainability and to provide opportunities in particular for youth and women.
Improved Livelihoods
Many people are struggling without a reliable source of income to support themselves and their families. Through our programmes, we help people in poverty live in dignity and security, with better skills & trainings of entrepreneurship. This contributes towards changing livelihoods of poor and disadvantaged sectors of the population.
Empowerment and Skills Training
Investing in youth's and women's economic empowerment & skills development is one of the most effective ways to drive progress on poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth.To increase access to decent employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.
Entreprenuership & Self Employment
In low and middle income countries like Kenya, self employment is the dominant form of entrepreneurship and accounts for an important share of youths and women employment. At Takanimali we impart the aforementioned skills to our trainees to make the highly competitive in the already crowded market.

Board and management

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Our Purpose & Values

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  • Experienced waste management team.
  • Fast and 100% reliable customer support.
  • 5 million pounds of cardboard recycled.
  • Steady and sustainable growth.
  • Giving back to the community.
Collection Containers
Tons of Waste Recycled
Trees Saved Yearly

Ongoing Projects

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