An ecosystem for waste management & entrepreneurship.
We provide an ecosystem for advancing sustainability in driving the creation of green jobs and supporting entrepreneurship in waste management.
How it works
Meet our team
We’re passionate about innovation and growth in a circular economy.
"Strategic Partnership is a key pillar and pivot point to Taka Ni Mali. I Leverage my experience in Environmental Studies and Natural Resources Management to develop an ideal vision for TTNM's Sustainability and partnerships."
David Ngechu -Digital Strategy Developement Executive
"I envision Taka ni Mali being a go-to provider of relevant and accurate data on waste management system."
Joshua M. Samson -Technical Lead
"I am optimistic that our digital solutions will play a crucial role in enhancing and sustaining the circular economy both now and in the future"
James Ngechu -Official photographer and IT assistant
"I would like to capture moments that show the value of waste as an asset and its collectors as major contributors in our society."
Lorna Waititu -Field supervisor
"While promoting the mission, vision, core values and goals of the company through internal organizing and members representation across the areas, Taka taka ni Mali has helped me utilize my environmental skills, as well as get experience working."
Faith Kilonzo -Administrative Assistant
"The transition to greener economies will continue to have important effects on labor markets."
Micheal Kalo -Enterprise development lead
"TTNM has enabled me to appreciate the role of waste management in ensuring the entrepreneurial ecosystem achieves their sustainability goals in the community."
Titus Muithui -Financial Consultant
"Being passionate in achieving and maintaining good accounting, finance and management practices, I envision TTNM being a centre of financial reporting as I help in formation and administration of various groups that work with TTNM in Welfare."
Wamboi Grace -role
Emily Anyango -Project and Administration Coordinator
"I envision a future characterized by responsible people with environmental stewardship committed to make a positive impact by maintaining their surroundings through proper waste management."
Rose Kerubo -Field Coordinator
"My vision for TTNM is to be a leading partner in environmental and economic benefits of waste reduction efforts and commited to helping people in waste space see the value in it here in Kenya and beyond."