Dr. Margaret Makelo

Dr. Margaret Makelo

Board Member

Dr Margaret Makelo is a senior agricultural research scientist and has been working with the government of Kenya for 27 years. The Kenya agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) appointed her as a director of knowledge management, and after five years she transferred the same services to the Ministry of Agriculture, national office. With a PhD in planting breeding from the university of kwa Zulu Natal, RSA; MSc in plant pathology from the university of Nairobi, she has been involved in undertaking research both in the field and laboratory. To further sharpen her skills, she has attended several in-service courses and workshops consequently publishing widely in peer reviewed journals, book chapters and Co author of end of project publications. With strong writing and editorial skills, she has been involved as a reviewer of paper manuscripts and internal publications for external sharing and use.

Dr Makelo’s position is key in accessing and consequently transfer of technologies to diverse stakeholders within the agricultural ecosystem including policy formulation and also to advise the ministry accordingly on business opportunities, adherence to food standards and the latest technological advances.


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