Dr. James Sankale

Dr. James Sankale

Board Member

Dr. James Sankale's primary goal is to improve employee performance and productivity within an institution. Dr. Sankale has over 30 years of experience in the field of Education, Training and management, ranging from classroom teaching to planning, design and implementation of education programs at the County and National level. In the field of sustainable development, Dr. Sankale has mentored youth and women groups on vocational skill development geared towards gainful employment. Dr. Sankale has also empowered unskilled women through training on value addition in solid waste management and marketing. To achieve this Dr. Sankale worked with taka taka ni mali limited (TTNM) and other waste handlers.

In education sector, Dr. Sankale has played a major role in the design and implementation of the DFID funded programme “Strengthening Primary Education (SPRED), as well as Primary School Management (PRISM) Programmes and School Empowerment Programme under the ministry of Education Kenya. Dr. Sankale has work with a range of stakeholders locally and overseas, including some AKDN Programmes (EMACK and KENSIP), the University of Wolver Hampton and the Centre of Educational Leadership, Open University and the BBC in UK. Dr. Sankale has worked with UNESCO PARIS to develop a Teachers In-service programme for Pan Africa Teachers.


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