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How can I get a quote?


Tel- +254 710 823919 Email: admin@plastpackaging.co.ke or admin@takanimali.org

Categories of waste and value addition (Circular economy concept)?

Categories of waste include:

  1. Domestic waste
  2. Fluorescent lamps
  3. Industrial waste
  4. Construction and demolition waste
  5. E-waste
  6. Biomedical Waste
  7. Waste Demolition wastes

Where is your office located?

Industrial Area, Lunga Lunga Mall, Along Lusingeti Road 2nd Floor.

Do you offer transportation?

Depending on the program, we work with partners who provide transportation of the recycled waste to waste recyclers, collection centers and CWMEH.

What is the Circular Economy concept

The circular economy is defined as an economic model in which resources like plastics are used more efficiently through the three guiding principles of “reduce, reuse and recycle” to close the loop. Shifting to such a system has economical as well as social and environmental benefits through reduced import dependency, employment creation, reduced littering, less resource extraction as well as improved human health conditions.

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