County Waste Management & Entrepreneurship Hubs

TTNM project implementation approach is derived from a strong private, public, and development partnership (PPDP) stakeholder’s participatory consultative approach that contributes towards actualizing the waste management project objective.

The project implementation involves development of a County Waste Management Entrepreneurship Hubs (CWMEH) as a collection center that organize waste collectors to collect waste from manufacturers, factories and consumers and manage the machinery (sorting, crushing, and baling) while receiving fair compensation in return. The CWMEH aims at creating jobs for the stakeholders by mentoring and training them to save for their business ventures and improving public and environmental health.

This solves three problems: 1) lack of decent employment for low-income households; 2) environmental harm and increased GHG which leads to 3) public health risks. A simplified diagrammatic presentation of this process is shown below (County Waste Management Entrepreneurship Hubs).

CWMEH Implementation Methodology

The specific activities that will be implemented from pre-implementation phase, implementation phase and post implementation phase. Below figure outlines our overall methodological approach to the assessment.

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