We aim to reduce waste and avoid pollution.


Part of what we do as TTNM is to offer training on such topics like Waste Prevention and Reduction technology and strategy. We Offer Comprehensive Recycling Services


Welcome to TTNM

TTNM is a foundation that contributes to the advancement of sustainable development by driving creation of green jobs and support entrepreneurship in waste management, promoting a circular economy and minimizing waste by reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing material waste and ensuring environmental protection and rehabilitation.


Services & Solutions

TTNM has four pillars of its Growth and Impact Strategy

Development of an integrated framework for public and private sector participation through the county governments, private sector, community organisations, and waste product collectors to derive value from waste management
TTNM has developed an integrated waste management hub model that operationalizes stakeholder participation in waste management ecosystem profitably and sustainably.
Capacity building programs for waste collectors
TTNM is a training service provider approved by the National Industrial Training Institute (NIITA) in waste management and has developed a training curriculum in waste management targeted at waste collecting communities. TTNM also offers financial education training to help the waste collecting communities manage and save their earnings and receive loans.
Utilising technology platform to connect stakeholders in waste management ecosystem
TTNM Digital App allows households to identify waste collection schedules and request waste collection, which notifies nearby waste collectors and allows them to accept the request. TTNM Digital App enables communication between principle households and waste collectors to conduct the following: a) Register household and collect critical household data in relation to collection activities. b) Develop optimal routes for waste collectors to be able collecting recyclables. c) Aggregate data in the collection centers and buy back centers detailing the users and waste collection requests among other information’s.
Strategic partnerships & alliances
TTNM is creating high level partnerships with like-minded public and private organisations in developing a circular economy. We have a team of competent dedicated team that jointly and individually has working knowledge and experience in the following: a) developing circular economy platform for waste generators, waste users and recyclers for employment and entrepreneurship whilst contributing to the reduction of GHG and the related health risks; b) Individual and institutional capacity building programs on entrepreneurship, business mentorship, and leadership programs; c) Designing, managing, monitoring and evaluating environmental sustainability climate change-based programs in partnership with international donors and national & county governments; d) Engaging communities in waste management in identifying value derived and maximized from waste; e) Conducting mapping and capacity assessments for projects; f) Strong report writing skills for projects engaged in.

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Circular Economy

Our circular economy model minimises waste through reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products.

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